Refuse to Apologize to Sophie

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By: northgate

Your pride gets the better of you and you decide not to apologize. "I am not apologizing to that bitch. She tortured me", you yell out.

"I thought you were a nice guy", Amy says but you are no different than the rest of the guys that come over here. "You can't talk to my friend like that", she says upset at your comment.

"Maybe he needs to see what a real bitch is, somebody like Cassandra or maybe he'd like to be with those rich bitchy girls who come in the health club. I try to be nice and this is what I get.", Sophie responds, "Well clearly he doesn't want or deserve to be with us so what should we do?"

"Well we could turn him over to Audrey. She's still looking for him and we'd be heroes", Amy pondered out loud.

"No, I think he owes me after being so mean to me", Sophie answers. "If he turn him over to Audrey he might tell her we were keeping him and the whole thing could backfire. Actually, I think I know someone that might take him in and teach him to be nicer to girl. Someone that has the time to train him properly"

"I don't know if that is right either", Amy continued to think. She thought for a few minutes looking down at you and finally said, "I think....

Your choices:

  1. you're right Sophie
  2. we should try to work to make him a better person.

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