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By: northgate

Chloe spies you and comes over to where you are before you can make a break for it. She towers over you smirking down at you she says, "I just had this feeling that if I'd look for you now that I'd find you. So was my little pet trying to get make to his mistresses bedroom?"

Before you can reply, she scoops you up in her fist and carries you back to her bedroom. She sits cross legged on the bed holds you up to her face. "Don't ever try a stunt like that again or I'll break your leg off.." She flips you so she is dangling you upside down by one leg as she hold your ankle between her fingertips. "It would be so easy", she continues giving her hand a shake and causing you to let out a yelp thinking she was going to do it. She laughs at your reaction and says, "You're mine forever and don't forget it".

She releases her hold on you and you fall to the bed below trapped between her crossed legs. You look around and there is no way to escape. You se she is wearing short pajama pants and thin cotton t-short. "Now show your mistress how happy you are that I rescued you."

You look around trying to figure you what you can do that won't piss her off. The only thing you can reach is her womanhood behind her shorts or her bare legs behind you. You think carefully not wanting to anger her and decide to lay it on thick. You drop to your knees in front of her crotch and hold up your arms and cry out, "Oh Mistress,please forgive me. I wasn't thinking straight. You are the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. Anyone would be crazy not to want to be all yours. P)lease allow me to pleasure you with my tiny insignificant body."

Chloe smiles down at you. "Go ahead toy, pleasure me. Let's see what you can do", she tells you.

"Maybe you went to far laying it on", you think to yourself but you don't have a another moment as her hand descends and stands you up. You step forward and lunge forward at her pussy rubbing with your entire body against the material. This goes on for a couple minutes before her hand descends again and she lifts you up to her face. "My, my what a horny little toy you are. I have to say that was enjoyable but now I want to see how honest your being. If you really mean everything that you said then I want to see you jerk off to the sight of me. You can kiss and hug and rub me all you want. Well not quite that easy. You have to make out with my big toe and if I see you cum all over it, I'll know you are being honest with me. But if you fail, I'm going to hurt you good for being dishonest. She places you next to her foot and you go at it kissing and hugging her toe while all the while thinking of Amy and how much you wish this was her loving you back. After a long time at it you finally cum on her toe and exhausted fall backwards onto the bed, mission complete.

Chloe examines the toe and laughs, "I can't believe you just made out with my toe. You are either the biggest little perv or really worship me. Well it's time for you to rest and tomorrow you can prove yourself again. She carries you over to your dresser and opens a large jewelry box and removes a few items before placing you inside. "No more escapes for you, tiny. I'm going to lock you up nice and tight until tomorrow." she tells you as she closes the lid locking you inside.

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