Chloe Gives You Another Lesson for Bother Her

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By: northgate

Chloe looks down at you annoyed and says, "So you interrupt your mistress because you want a drink. Do you think that is a good idea?"

"Well it was a commercial and I was really thirsty...", you start to say but she cuts you off by grabbing you up in her fist and heading for the kitchen.

"So you are thirsty?" she tells you as she arrives in the kitchen, "I think it is time for you to have another lesson." She takes down a tall plastic tumbler from the closet and drops you in. You try to say something but you are interrupted by her putting the tumbler under the faucet and letting a torrent of ice cold water wash over you and fill the tumbler until it is just up to your mouth. "Now you can drink all you like", she says as she carries the tumbler back and puts it on a side table as she resuming watching TV. "Now interrupt me again and I'll drop some ice cubes on your head", she says not even looking at you.

The top of the tumbler is far over your head but you realize it is narrow enough that you can press your back against one side and your legs against the opposite side and work your way up to the top and out of the cold water. You think if you can escape you can hide out until Amy gets home to rescue you from her cruel sister. You work yourself over the lip of the tumbler and hold on to the edge and hang down the outside of the cup. It's only a few feet to you to the table top and you let yourself drop hoping she doesn't hear anything.

You are on the table but still need to make it down to the floor and Chloe is only a few feet away and all she needs to do is turn and she'll she you. There is a lamp behind you and you decide to shimmy down the electrical cord to the floor to make your escape. The floor has shag carpeting and it is slow going when you hear her discover you are missing. "You little shit", she roars, "that cup of water will seem like a nice bath compared to what I will do to you when I find you."

There is a cabinet that is low to the floor nearby and you dive under it to stay out of her view. You hope she won't think to move it or it's too heavy for her to move and you stay hidden with your heart thumbing. Somehow you still need to make it upstairs to Amy's room to hide.

Meanwhile, Chloe keeps stomping around cursing and looking for you. Suddenly the front door opens and it;s her mom and she has to curtail her search to not raise her Mom's suspicion. Eventually they go to bed and you know it is time for you to make the trek to Amy's room to find hiding until she returns.

You make it across the room in the dark and it is slow going climbing the steps to get to the second floor but after a couple hours you make it to the top. You stay close to the wall and make your way to the bedroom when suddenly someone comes out of a bedroom to go to the bathroom. You look up and see it is ....

Your choices:

  1. Amy's Mom
  2. Chloe looking for you again.

Retrieved September 13, 2016