Clean her belly button.

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By: northgate

"I'll have you clean my belly button.", she says with a smile.

You look down and see she is wearing sweat pants and a short t-shirt that exposes her taut belly. "Wait", you say trying to buy some time and possible get her to forget about you doing a task for her, "You haven't told me your name yet. After all I don't know anything about you."

"Well my name is Chloe but you will only refer to me as Mistress from now on.", she says with a smile.

She starts to lower you down to her bare belly but you say, "Wait Chloe, I want to hear more about you".

"I guess you need to learn a lesson", she says as she drops you down and gets a spool of thread from a nearby drawer. She breaks off a length and uses it to tie your arms behind your back. "That is for trying to distract me from the task I assigned you and for forgetting to call me mistress you will use your tongue to clean my belly button. You must think I am some kinda of bimbo if you think you can trick me with small talk. Now get to work she says as she drops you on her belly near the aforementioned belly button. You look at it and it is full of lint and who knows what else. You hesitate and her fingertip shoves you face first into the hole forcing you do as she commands.

You get to work picking things up in your mouth and dropping them on her belly next to the hole. "Hmmm", she says watching you, "You should be grateful that I am such a kind mistress or I would have made you eat ever bit of that stuff."

When you are finished you sit back and wait for her to acknowledge you. She picks you up and sweeps the mess off her belly and down to the floor before putting you on her nightstand and picking up a TV remote and she flips on MTV leaving you alone with your arms still tied behind your back.

You sit there helpless while she goes on watching TV and ignoring you. "Excuse me mistress", you ask her during a commercial, "I am really thirsty from that job. Can I have a drink of water?"

She looks over to you annoyed and decides ....

Your choices:

  1. you deserve a drink
  2. you deserve another lesson for bothering her

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