...stand up and shout: "Hi, there!"

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By: northgate

You stand up near her head and yell Hi. She looks up at you and her eyes get as big as saucers and she falls back and off the sofa onto the floor. She continues to stare at you from the floor as her mom calls from the kitchen asking if everything is OK in there. This cute fair skinned blond calls back that everything is OK and moves closer to you, "What the...", as all she can say.

"Hi, I'm Joe and I'm a friend of your sister Amy", trying to break the ice with her. She moves closer as she continues to stare at you. Her stare turns to a smile as she reaches out and grabs your body in her hand pinning your arms to your sides in her fist. She turns off the TV and starts walking with you in her fist towards the steps. "What are you doing?", you ask.

"Shh, we can't talk here", she whispers to you as she ascends the steps and heads into her bedroom. She enters and locks the door. She sits down on the bed with her legs crossed and opens her palm to examine you. You try to cover your privates but she brushes your hand aside and touches you there sending a shiver up your spine.

"You shouldn't do that", you protest, "Your Amy's little sister. You struggle but her thumb comes down over your chest pinning you to her palm.

"I'm not so little", she replies smiling, "I'm eighteen, you're the little one around here. She laughs at her own joke made at your expense and you are beginning to regret your choices. "So little one, if you're Amy's friend what are you doing here. Why aren't you with her."

You don't know what to tell her so you go with the truth. "I was at her dorm and she was going to go away for the weekend and leave me with her horrible roommate so I hid in her suitcase to get here but she left before I got a chance to see her."

The blond thinks for a moment. and then replies, "So she doesn't know you are here and thinks you're still at the dorm. That's perfect. I'm the only one who knows you're here and we'll keep it that way at least for now. You are my new little toy and I can play with you whenever I want."

"You can't do that. You need to get me back to Amy", you yell back at her.

She grabs your ankles between her fingertips and dangles you in front of her face. Her hot breath washes over you as she speaks. "You are in no position to give me orders, tiny. Now you are my toy and you better get used to it." She swings you around upside down and laughs at your pleas to put you down. She stops for a moment and says, "So, are you ready to pledge your life to my amusement or do I need to convince you more?"

Your choices:

  1. You tell her you'll never agree to that.
  2. You tell her Yes!

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