Jump on the TV Remote

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By: northgate

You jump down on the TV remote and manage to hit the off button causing the TV to go off. Unfortunately you can't land on the remote so you tumble off and to the sofa cushion below right next to her massive butt.

She starts to stand up to fix the TV but remembers the remote in her hand and sits back down to try hitting the remote's On button instead. For the moment she stood you rolled right into the impression left in the sofa cushion. You try to react but it is too late as her ass slams into your body and she sits down smothering you under her relative tons of weight. You struggle to get free but it is hopeless and slowly suffocate to death under this unknowing girl.

She'll find your dead body later and wonders how a person could be so tiny and decides to donate your body to her science professor to study.

The End.

Retrieved September 13, 2016