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By: superfan

You decide that the living room is slightly nearer. So, you carefully run on tip-toe across the hallway, and on to the shag rug. Luck is once more with you, as the rug deadens your footsteps till you get to the couch. There is an Afghan blanket hanging off the back of it. So, you climb it the same way you've seen boot camp soldiers climb one of those net-like mesh ladders in every black-and-white war movie you've ever seen on TV.

When you reach the top of the couch, you crawl on all fours until you're parallel to where Amy's sister is relaxing her head on the right-hand armrest. While her left hand maintains only a half-tight grip on the remote control. So, to get her attention, you...

Your choices:

  1. ...jump down on the "Off" switch.
  2. ...stand up and shout: "Hi, there!"

Retrieved September 13, 2016