You appear in the Honeymoon Suite of a cruise ship

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By: northgate

"Where are we and what are we doing here", you ask confused looking around what appears to be a cruise ship suite.

"Well", Jasimine tells you, "After you freed me I lost most of my power. I can still tele-transport and a few other things but there is a lot I can't do like trans-mutate people like I did to you to make you shrink. That's why I can't make you big again either. Anyway, I was enjoying my freedom and I decide to come on this cruise to relax. When I got on board, I met a wonderful new friend. In fact this is her suite so you can tell she is quite wealthy. She told me that because of her busy career that she never had time for a relationship. We got to talking and I told her it's too bad she could have a pocket sized man that she could take with her and have available whenever she had the desire and she loved the idea. That got me thinking and now here we are and you are about to make me a big fat matchmaking fee."

"Are you crazy? I'm not marrying some strange woman.", you reply struggling in her grip.

Before you can get another word out, the door of the cabin opens and in walks a beautiful girl with tan skin and long brown hair. She had big green eyes and high cheek bones and a big smile. "Hey Jasmine, what are you doing in here?", she asks the genie as she closes the door and approaches.

"Hello Adrianna. Do you remember I told you I could find you a little boyfriend to play with?", Jasmine tells her, Well here he is", she says holding you out for Adrianna to take.

Adrianna responds by holding her hand out and you are dumped into her awaiting plan and her finger close around you trapping you as she looks you over. "Wow, he's a little cutie", she says as she examines you.

"I'm not marrying you", you blurt out and they both laugh at your comment.

"Married, Ha !", Jasmine laughs, "I think her toy is closer to what you'll be". Jasmine heads for the door and says, "Well I'll let you two get introduced while I catch what sun is left today. We can settle up on my fee later." and she leaves the suite.

Adrianna turns her attention back to you and with a smile says, "I think I need to check you out and make sure all your parts work before I pay her. That would be the smart thing to do, right?" She doesn't wait for a response and starts tearing at your clothes leaving you naked in her hand. She giggles at your little prick and plays with it with the tip of her little finger giving you a hard-on that you can't hide. "That cute", she giggles as she drops your naked body on the bed and strips down to just her bikini bottom. "You like?", she asks modeling her trim and rock hard body to you, "I do find time to get to the gym. I have a great personal trainer."

You just nod your head to the affirmative looking at this almost naked red hot giantess in front of you. You figure she is in her mid to late thirties but looks great.

"Great" she says smiling, "It will be so much easier for you to do everything I need if you are into me too." She sits down on the bed next to you and looks down still towering over you. "Hmmm, what shall we do first", she asks herself. "I know", she tells you a moment later, "....

Your choices:

  1. You can start by giving me a foot massage.
  2. Let's take a nice hot bath together to relax.

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