Jasmine the Genie

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By: northgate

As the girls continue to fight , the elevator door opens and off steps Jasmine the Genie now dressed in modern clothes with a sexy little black dress on. "What is going on here?", she asks looking at the two women struggling.

"None of your business. Just get out of here", Hope replies looking back at her.

"Hmm, how about you two get out of here", Jasmine replies and she waves her arm and the two women vanish, "Much better", she continues as she bends down and picks you up in the palm of her hand.

"What just happened?", you ask her, "Where did they go?"

"Oh, don't worry about them.", the genie tells you, "I sent them away so we could talk. I sent them to China so they can cool off and learn to work out their differences. They'll need to work together if they are going to get back here." She smiles down at you and continues, "So I wanted to see how you made out after that last wish. I faded out and wasn't sure if you got it or not."

"Well what does it look to you?", you reply irritated., "I'm not even six inches tall."

"Don't get cocky with me shorty", Jasmine tells you, "Your wish was to be bigger and get home and you did get bigger and get to your home town so I think I did fine. But I do admit you could use some help so I'll tell you what, I'll give you a choice. I can leave you here in Carisha's place and may she'll make it back or I can get you out of here and you can come with me."

"That's not much of a choice. How about you make me full size and then we can talk.", you tell her, "and where would we be going anyway."

"This isn't questions and answers", she tells you, "I could have stayed away and let those two crush you while they were fighting but I came to do you a favor. So what will it be?"

Your choices:

  1. You decide to have her leave you in Carisha's apartment
  2. You decide to go with her.

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