Carisha takes a lamp and hits Hope over the head

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By: superfan

Carisha knows she will never get her hands on that type of money. So, she hurriedly looks around...and spies a big ceramic lamp. She hurries just as much in unplugging it, before running down the hall on tip-toe (while hugging the wall, at the same time) towards the elevator that Hope Granger is waiting for. When she gets in position, she tries to club the double-crossing gumshoe over the head with it!

But, the elevator doors are framed by highly polished marble walls, and Granger spots Carisha's reflection at the next-to-last second. Leading to the two women grappling for control over the ad hoc bludgeon. And, for the first few seconds, it's a stalemate. Because, while Carisha is taller and more muscular (from aerobic body-building), Granger was trained in street-style martial arts by her ex-marine father!

The deadlock is broken when the elevator dings, and the doors open to reveal...

Your choices:

  1. Alexandra, who TASER's both women, then reclaims you.
  2. ...Jasmine the Genie, wondering if you've had enough, yet.

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