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By: superfan

Carisha does some googling, and comes across a website advertising the services of a female private detective named Hope Granger. Pressing the cursor for "About Her," she finds out that this woman used to be a missing persons investigator for the NYPD. But, she now works for a divorce attorney, tracking down "deadbeat dads" (ex-husbands chronically--and deliberately--behind on their child-support payments).

"Awesome!" Carisha says to herself: "If she works on behalf on little kids, it ought to be a breeze for her to recover my little man."

Carisha calls the 1-800 number, and leaves a voice-mail message requesting an appointment. 24 hours later, Hope Granger returns her call, confirming a time for that appointment. When the two women finally meet, in person, Carisha explains what she wants Hope to do for her. The latter is naturally dubious, at first. That is; until she's shown a DVD that Carisha burned off a promotional video posted to Youtube by Alexandra, herself. And, the buxom blonde smiles at Hope's drop-jawed astonishment upon seeing "the Living Doll."

Finally, Hope looks up and says: "I'll take the case."

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Retrieved September 13, 2016