Alexandra Takes You to a New Job in Atlantic City

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By: superfan

A month later, heart-broken Carisha sees an ad in a certain newspaper. And, she becomes livid when she recognizes the two people in it! Because, one of them is Alexandra (top hat, semi-tuxedo, and all) sensually half-crouching. While simultaneously gesturing with her right hand at what she's holding in her left.

It's you, wearing a doll-sized clown suit, while waving your arms in the air in a triumphant V-shape.

According to the ad, the two of you will be appearing at the Lucky Stars Casino-Hotel, in Atlantic City, billed as "Alexandra the Great and her Living Doll!"

Whereupon, Carisha...

Your choices:

  1. ...impulsively drives straight to Atlantic City to rescue you.
  2. ...wisely hires a shady private detective to rescue you.

Retrieved September 13, 2016