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By: superfan

You don't when you finally nodded off. But, the next thing you know, you feel like you are drowning!

It's Alexandra, giving you a bath in the motel room 's bathroom sink. She, herself, has already showered and dressed. And, after she dries you off, you stand there on the counter top. You want to say something; shout up to her in anger for what she's done to you. But, all you can do is stand there and shiver, as you are now stark naked!

"Awwww!" she coos, with a mock frown: "Is my widdle pet cold? I think I can fix that."

Whereupon, she covers you with a white handkerchief. When she removes it, you gasp. Because, when she picks you up, and faces you toward the bathroom mirror, you see yourself wearing a little clown suit. Tasseled pointy hat and all!

You are so stunned by this that you fail to see the gold-plated birdcage she has, until _after_ she's thrown you inside it.

"Hey!" you yell at her, indignantnly: "What's this for?"

"Sorry, My Pet. But, we still have a long trip ahead of us. With your help, we're going to be head-liners in... "

Your choices:

  1. "...Las Vegas!"
  2. "...Atlantic City!"

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