Mother and Daughter Pickpockets

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By: northgate

A woman bumps into Alexandra as she leaves customs and attempts to lift a few valuables from her but in the shuffle, you are knocked loose and fall to the ground where you are spotted by and grabbed by the woman's daughter and accomplice who quickly pockets you in the bag she is carrying. Between the hypnotic trance and the fall to the floor you are left senseless and lie in the bottom of the bag.

It isn't until a few hours later and the mother and daughter team pickpockets return to their Rio apartment that they unload their bags onto their kitchen table to examine their haul. The daughter thought you were some kind of doll that Alexandra was hiding contraband in but when they see you start to move they are both shocked and start chattering away in Portuguese.

You stand up and face them and say, "Excuse me but can you tell me where I am?"

They both stop talking and look back at you. The mother says in English, "Ahh, an American. You are in our apartment in Rio, little man. Now my turn for a question, how is it that you are so small.?"

You figure this is your chance and you tell her that you were in college in a lab experiment that went awry and you need to get back to your girlfriend Amy in the US as she can get you help..

The mother looks at you as she has heard a few cons in her time. "So, what is Amy's full name and telephone number and we can call her", she asks.

You immediately realize your folly. You don't know Amy's full name or her number. You stumble with a response tell them something about being wuzzy from hitting your head on the fall and you need time to remember.

"Don't bother", she replies, "I know a bad lie when I hear one and that was really bad. If you aren't going to be straight with us and then we don't need to be straight with you either." "Tie him up so he can have sometime to think while you and I talk.", she tells her daughter. The daughter gets twine and scissors from a drawer and hog-ties you leaving you helpless on the table while they resume their conversation in Portuguese.

After a while, the mother turns back to you and tells you, "We are at am impasse, my daughter wants to keep you for a pet but I think we can sell you for a lot of money. So our compromise is that she can keep you until I get a big payday for you. Seems fair to me."

"Seems fair to me to", the daughter tells you pick you up and dropping you in the palm of her hand. She is a petite build with straight black hair and a pretty face probably about 19 years old. Her mother is in her late thirties and a similar build just a few inches taller. She's very tan with blond hair which you assume is fake.

"Don't I get a say in this", you ask but she just smiles closes her fist on you and carries you back to a small bedroom in the rear which is hers. When you arrive she closes the door and drops you on her bed. You are still tied up and can't move. She climbs in the bed near you and uses her bare foot to roll you around and toy with you. She pauses for a moment and looks down at you. "Now tell me who that girl you were with was and don't lie or I'll punish you. Is this Amy?"

"No, her name is Alex", you tell her, "She is a stage magician and she kidnapped me for her show. She is on the run which is why she came to Brazil"

"Very good. I believe you. She takes a small knife and cuts you binds so you can free yourself of the twine the rest of the way. "That's your reward.
My name is Marcella. What's your name or should I make one up for you."

"My name is Joe", you tell her as she smiles and pets you on the head with her index finger.

Now tell me how much you want to be my pet and all the things you are going to do for me.", she tells you, "I want to hear it all."

You ...

Your choices:

  1. do as she asks
  2. Tell her you don't want to be her pet.

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