Alexandra's boot heel

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By: northgate

You climb out under the Entertainment Director's office door and as your luck would have it run right into Alexandra. She plucks you off the floor and looks down and you suspiciously. "So my little man was trying escape, huh? That isn't going to be happening. You are far to valuable to me. Now PLEASE tell me the truth of what you were doing"

"I wasn't escaping you. I was kidnapped my the Entertainment Director of the casino. I was trying to escape from her to get back to you.", you tell her cowering in the palm of her hand.

"So, she knows about you now. That is a problem.", she says as she walks back to her dressing room. We're going to have to get out of her now before she gets back and discovers you're gone. Looks like we're going to need to take a last minute vacation. How does Miami Beach sound?" She gets back in the dressing room and starts packing as many things as she can to make a quick get away including securing you in her purse.

She gets her car and packs it in the loading dock dropping you in her purse on the front seat and she goes back and forth quickly loading her most valuable props into the car trunk.

You lie in her purse helpless until she returns to the car opens the purse to check you are still there and tells you, "I'm going to park the car somewhere safe and get my bags from the casino hotel room then we can go to an airport hotel until we can get a flight out of her." She blows you a kiss and closes the purse and drives off.

She doesn't check on you again until you are at the airport hotel room. She takes you out and sets you on the desk as she types away on a laptop. "Looks like I can get a ticket to Miami for tomorrow morning. I know a few people down there so I should be able to get a small gig to cover expenses and keep a low profile for a while." When she finishes she grabs you up and says with a smile, "Now I need to take care of you so I can get a good night's sleep" She binds you up and hangs you upside down from a shower curtain hook in the bathroom. "Now I need you nice a tired fro a fresh treatment tomorrow morning before our trip", she laughs as she gives you a spin and leaves you there to suffer as she gets a good nights rest.

The next morning she gives you a fresh hypnotic treatment and she tell you that you will lie as still and possible and not speak until she tells you to. She then takes you still bound up and attacks you to her bra so you hang down between her breasts and she gets dressed leaving you hidden under her clothes so she can get through airport security. She takes her car to a service to have it transported down to Florida with her belonging in it and then gets a lift to the airport terminal which you still safely hidden away.

She gets to security and much to her dismay this airport has the new full body scanners. "Crap", she thinks, "Is this going to work?" She decides you are tucked away securely enough that she'll still smuggle you through. She enters the scanner and the machine passes over her and as she exits the machine....

Your choices:

  1. she gets through security without a problem.
  2. she hears the TSA agent say, "I need a female body check here".

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