make your escape now before she takes you home.

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By: superfan

In her eagerness to take you home, however, Zavia forgot one crucial fact. The post-hypnotic conditioning that compels you to obey an order only when it's preceded by the word, "please!"

Ergo; you do NOT "stay right there." Instead, you shimmy down the lampcord. And, so anxious are you to get back to Alexandra, that you don't even stop to put your clothes back on!

Upon reaching the carpet, you head straight for the underside of the office door. Immediately going down on your face and stomach in order to crawl beneath it to what you consider "freedom." But, upon reaching the hallway, something presses down upon you. It's...

Your choices:

  1. ...Alexandra's boot heel (she tracked you down via GPS pet-chip).
  2. ...a ballet slipper/tap shoe worn by one of the chorus girls.

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