Belly Dancing Zavia

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By: northgate

Zavia comes back in in a belly dancing harem girl outfit and tells you that she takes belly dancing class for fitness and got the outfit when she did some dancing for her ex-boyfriend. "But first", she says as she tugs at your garments, "I need my audience naked so I can make sure I am having the right effect on you". She strips you down and locks her office door before putting on some music to dance by and starts to do her routine for you.

You are instantly aroused and you can't hide your hard on as she dances up to you and touches it with her fingertip. She smiles and says, "I see you are enjoying my dance. Perhaps you'd like to try another view?"

Before you can answer she grabs up up and brings you between her breasts. She squeezes them together holding you in place as she continues to dance. Her breasts are hot and there is no space to move but you still prefer this over being a slave to a magician.

When she finishes she puts you back down on her desk while she gets a cold bottle of water from her office fridge. She takes a drink and then sprinkles some water over you to cool you off. When she is done drinking, she gets on her knees in front of her desk so her face is looming large right in front of you. She looks at you which her big green eyes wide open and says, "You are the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I can't wait to get you home". She licks her lips seductively and tells,m you, "In fact I'm going to change back and we're going to leave right now before that bitchy magician comes snooping around here. She's not getting you back ever."

"I'll be right back", she says as she leaves change, "Stay right there" She reaches out and uses her fingertip to give you a poke knocking you down and giggles.

She leaves for the adjoining bathroom to change and you look around the room. You see the lamp cord on the desk could provide you an escape to the floor and the door looks like it has enough space that you could climb underneath to the hallway. You think about it and ...

Your choices:

  1. make your escape now before she takes you home.
  2. you stay put. She seems nice.

Retrieved September 13, 2016