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By: superfan

You initially think it's your mistress, finally returned from shopping. But, after a while, you're not so sure. Because, she hasn't come over to remove you from the closet and un-tie you. In fact, it sounds like someone is searching for something!

This proves to be the case, when the closet is suddenly flooded with light from someone opening its doors and gasping in shock! That, plus the uncustomary gentleness demonstrated in lifting the cage up, confirms (in your increasingly wide-awake mind) that this person is _not_ your sadomasochistic mistress.

The fingers on the right hand of this person slowly and carefully remove you from the cage. That is when you finally get to see her face. And, you immediately recognize the hotel's Entertainment Director; Zavia Tavares! A mestico beauty, whose parents are originally from Goa, India.

"You _are_ real; aren't you?" she mutters (half to herself): "Please, tell me you're real, and not just a toy."

"I am real, and not just a toy."

She notices this for herself, when she sees the reaction you're having--below the waist--to her exotic loveliness. And, she blushingly half-smiles.

Your choices:

  1. The half-smile disappears when Alexandra returns at that very moment.
  2. It stays on Zavia's face, all the way back to her private office.

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