Alexandra's Hypnotic Trance Continues ...

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By: northgate

Alexandra hypnotizes you to obey her every word whenever she says, "Please" before a phrase. Through this suggestion she is able to make you perform perfectly in her act each night. She makes you appear and dance around at her command like a puppet on invisible strings. Her act is a hit and word gets around and the house is full each night. She uses the tactic of exhausting you and then hypnotize you to slowly brainwash you into being her willing assistant.

The problem is that as she continues the act using you in various ways, questions are arising from people around her about the little man in the act. They ask if he is real, who is he, where did he come from but Alexandra deflects the questions replying that is all magic and an illusion and that there is no such thing as a little man.

Meanwhile, she keeps you hidden away so no one will know the truth but still likes to play with you using the same hypnotic suggestion that she uses in the act. "Please massage my feet, pet", she asks one night after the show and you anxiously respond working as hard as you can on her bare feet. She smiles down as her obedient pet works for her. You are forced to obey her all the time with whatever she wants.

When she goes out, she locks you up in a cage she keeps on the shelf in her condo bedroom closet at the casino where she is performing. Often she'll keep you bound and in a way to tire you out for a fresh hypnotic suggestion before the show. One particular morning she decided to visit the local mall at the suggestion of the casino's entertainment director who gets her a car service for the shopping trip.

Alexandra decides to hang you upside down in the cage while she is out for the day. "Sorry my pet", she tells you, "but I can't have you too chipper before the show. Now do me a favor and please struggle a lot while I am gone. Maybe you can work yourself loose and escape". She laughs as she closes the door to the closet and leaves you in darkness. You struggle to break free in part from her hypnotic suggestion which is still in place and your own desire buried within to get free.

After a while of struggling you are almost completely exhausted when you here a noise in the room. It is ...

Your choices:

  1. Alexandra back from shopping with a new toy to play with you
  2. the Entertainment Director. She's convinced the little man is real.

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