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By: superfan

Alexandra didn't want anything happening to you. So, she kept the top drawer open just enough to let in some air for you to breathe. But, of course, that's also why she immobilized you with the spirit glue. So, you wouldn't take advantage of a potential opportunity to escape.

In any case, you don't get much sleep. That's why you feel pretty much like a horror-film zombie when Alexandra takes you out of the drawer the next morning. And, it doesn't improve your mood that she's acting so bright and chipper (or looking so sexy in her mini-robe).

"How are you doing, My Pet?"

You want to sarcastically reply: "How do you think?"

But, all that comes out is: "Hmmmmmph Hmmmmph Thmmmmph!"

She mock frowns: "Aw! Diddums have a bad night? I can fix that, easily."

She puts you down on top of the bureau, standing up. Though, due to your exhaustion, you feebly wobble. That is; until a large white circle with black numbers on it catches your attention.

"Relax...and watch," Alexandra begins to chant (over and over): "Watch...and relax."

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