Alexandra Decides to Train Her New Pet

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By: superfan

When you are finally removed from the smaller bag (black velvet with an inner lining of red), you see that the larger bag was one of those European unisex purses. But, the glimpse is a fleeting one as Alexandra's right hand brings you up to close to her face. And, the female stage-mage, who is still wearing her top hat and semi-tuxedo, smugly grins.

"I hope I didn't hurt you, little one. But, there was no way I was going to share you with that clumsy, egotistical cow on a permanent basis! Not with what I have planned for you."

"Whatever it is, you can count me out," you defiantly yell up to her.

"We'll see about that."

Whereupon, Alexandra carries you into the bathroom of what you quickly recognize as a motel room. There, she transfers you to her left hand. Dangling you from its thumb and index finger by your hands. She then uncaps a spirit glue stick with her teeth. Using her right hand to rub it up and down both sides of your upper torso!

"Haha! S-Stop...Hahahahaha...Stop that! Pl-Please! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

But, Alexandra just ignores you. Instead, when she's finished, she puts the spirit glue stick down on the sink. That way, she has both hands available for keeping your tiny arms pinned to your sides until the glue dries. When that's been accomplished, she does the same thing to the inside legs of your doll-pants...and then to your lips. So that, ultimately, you can't move or speak. And, when she picks you up, to show you your reflection, you can't help thinking that you resemble a pigeon-toed mummy without bandages!

You instinctively try to protest, of course. Yet, the best you can do is go: "Mmmmmmmmph!"

"Sorry, my pet. But, this is merely to keep you from trying anything stupid. Like trying to escape or calling out for help!"

Whereupon, she puts you into the top drawer of the motel room's dresser bureau. The next morning, after an uncomfortable night of sleep,...

Your choices:

  1. are exhausted enough for Alexandra to hypnotize you.
  2. ...Alexandra dresses you in a clown suit, and puts you in a birdcage.

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