Serving Tray of Fire Trick

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By: northgate

Alexandra grins: "We make him materialize out of a serving tray in a ring of fire."

"Ohhh, That sounds dangerous", Carisha tells her, "I don't want him to get hurt. He's priceless".

Alexandra replies, "I know and he won't get hurt and the trick is actually really simple. We'll make it more complicated when I have time to work the details. This will have to do for now and ring of fire is needed to add the dramatics". She hands you a tiny set of clothes. "Put these on", she tells you as she starts to expain the trick to you and Carisha.

You put the clothes on just glad you are getting something to wear out of this deal although you don't like the sound of fire.

"Here's the idea", Alexandra tell you both, "I will have you Carisha and a male actor in the audience as a plant for the finale. I will ask for a volunteer and your 'husband' will get chosen. I will perform an elaborate trick in which he will disappear and at the end I will lift the cover from the serving plate where our friend here will be dressed in matching clothing with flames surrounding him. At his size and the distance from the audience no one will notice it is a different guy. He'll yell out in shock and horror and then you will charge the stage to save your man and angry at me for shrinking your husband down and I will disappear in a puff of smoke before you get to me. Then you off the stage in pursuit of me and the curtain will fall. Pretty cool, huh?"

Carisha doesn't look happy with the trick. "I thought I was going to be your assistant again not just a plant that doesn't do anything. I don't like this."

"You'll be on stage and we'll come up with a few lines for you. Give me a couple weeks and I'll come up with some new acts and I'll work you back in. Trust me, I'll take care of everything", Alexandra tells here.

"I suppose", Carisha concedes although she is clearly not happy with her part in the act but she is getting paid.

We practice our part and when showtime comes that night and we do the trick and it works flawlessly. We get paid and repeat the act the following night.

"Good news", Alexandra tells us after the show, "I got an offer to go to a club in the Bahamas next week. This will be our last show tomorrow and then we can move on to fun and sun. It will be great. Don't worry Carisha, I have new tricks for the new club that will get you back in the act."

Carisha is excited by the news and we pick up a bottle of wine on the way back to her place. She strips me down and then strips herself and opens the bottle. She takes me to her bed where she lays back and celebrates with a glass of wine that she lets me lick off her fingertip since she didn't have a wine glass my size. She lays back and drizzles some wine in her belly button and makes me drink out of it as my "cup". She obviously can't hold her liquor and is tipsy from the wine hugging me between her large bare breasts and drizzling wine on her nipples and making me lick it off. She eventually falls asleep with me cuddled between her breasts. I figure things could be worse and fall asleep against her warm breast listening to her beating heart.

In the morning she showers and dresses and things are back to normal except she is going through her clothes trying to figure out what she will take for the trip to Bermuda.

We arrive at the club and she is all chatty with Alexandra and the other assistant about the trip but I can tell they are clearly annoyed by her endless talking. Finally it is showtime and I awaiting hidden in my prop waiting for the show to start. Carisha is in her place in the audience with the male assistant when suddenly the cover is lifted off the plate and it is Alexandra standing over me smiling. "Slight change of plan", she says as she grabs me up in her hand and replaces me with a small doll dressed in the same outfit as me. She drops me in a velvet bag with a drawstring and pulls it tight trapping me inside. I feel her carry it back to the dressing room and depositing it into a larger bag. I can barely her the audience in the distance as the act starts.

At the finale, Alexandra doesn't remove the cover and instead just disappears in a puff of smoke. Carisha is confused by the change and sits for a minute not sure what to do as the audience waits to see what happens next. Finally she rushes the stage and pulls the cover off the tray setting off much bigger flames than before making her jump back. The doll catches fire and she finally attempts to grab it to only realize it isn't me in there. She yells, "I'll get you Alexandra" and runs off the stage in pursuit to the audience laughter at the ridiculous scene. Unfortunately, she is too late as Alexandra got a head start and is already at her car with me trapped in her bag.

As we speed away in Alexandra's car, I hear her say, "I guess you figured out by now that you are all mine now my little pet and we are not going to Bermuda". She laughs at turns on the radio and drives off into the night.

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