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By: superfan

Carisha takes you back to her apartment, and stashes you in the top drawer of her dresser. More precisely, she plays you in the left cup of one of her bras, and folds it up against the other cup, making it resemble one of those industrial-strength earphone sets!

While, at the same time, imprisoning you for the night.

The next day, she feeds you some buttermilk biscuit crumbs, and a thimble full of water, for breakfast. After which, she and you shower together. Then, she gets dressed in a black leotard (with matching tights), blue denim shorts, and a pair of white sneakers. You, she keeps stark naked as she sticks you in purse.

When the two of you arrive at the theater, she takes you out. Sticking you down atop a telescoping music stand, covered in purple velvet with golden fringe. And, towering over you is "Alexandra the Great," wearing half of a black tuxedo-with-tails, and a matching top hat.

"So, what'll we work on first?" asks Carisha.

Alexandra grins: "We make him materialize out of a..."

Your choices:

  1. "...popped birthday balloon."
  2. "...round serving tray set on fire!"

Retrieved September 13, 2016