Carisha is a Magician's Assistant

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By: northgate

Carisha takes you into a sleazy nightclub and goes back stage where she goes into a small dressing room and meets another woman who is petite in comparison to her with dark long flowing hair and a dark complexion making you think she was from the Near East. Carisha rushs up to her and says, "Alexandra, I have an idea that will make your act better than ever".

"I doubt that", she replies, "The last time we worked together your clumsiness ruined my grand finale and got me booed off the stage. What makes you think I want anything to do with you much less have you as my assistant again?"

"I have a prop that no one else in the world has and can make us famous", Carisha tells her opening her hand and exposing you to this beauty.

"What a doll of a naked man? What's that a sex toy?", she answers, "Just get out of here and don't come back."

Carisha places you down on the dressing table in front of Alexandra and gives you a soft poke. "He's not a doll, he's alive. Imagine the tricks you an come up with with him in your act.", she tells her and you stand up and look around the room a little afraid of what your new friend may be getting you into.

Alexandra picks you up and studies you carefully. "Can you speak, little man?", she asks as she runs her slender fingers over your body.

"Of course, I can. I'm a real person. Now do you mind putting me down?", you reply.

"He's a feisty little cutie", Alexandra laughs as she puts you back down on the table. "OK, how much do you want for him:, she asks Carisha.

"He's not for sale. We come as a package deal. You hire me back as your assistant and you can use him in the act. Otherwise no deal."

Alexandra thinks about it and says....

Your choices:

  1. OK, deal. Be here at noon and we can practice a new trick.
  2. No way. He's not worth the trouble of bringing you back into my act.

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