A petite good lucking blond who smiles when she...

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By: hurtonburton2

Dana walks in with a gorgeous blonde with long hair and a short skirt revealing long, toned legs. She can't be more than 5' 1" but she is absolutely stunning.

As her eyes fix on you, she gushes "wow, he's so cute" and walks over to scoop you up. She smiles up at Dana. "I love him. Here." She hands over a wad of notes. Dana and her make small talk for a few more moments as she pets you in her hands then she says her goodbyes, slips you into the pocket of her skirt and you are plunged into darkness, occasionally feeling yourself bump against her leg as she makes her way home.

She takes you out in a college dorm room for one. She sits down on the bed and holds you up to her beautiful bed. "You're so cute and tiny", she says, "you're going to be the perfect little man, oh yes you are".

Beautiful though she is, you don't like the way she's talking to you as though you are a pet rather than a person and tell her so.

"Oh, but you are a pet she ways. The cutest, most adorable pet anyone has ever had. Now it's time to show you to your new home."

Your choices:

  1. It's a hamster cage
  2. It's an aquarium

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