Dana tries selling you to a college cheerleader.

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By: northgate

You chose the college cheerleader since you hope it will be better than ending up in a high school. Dana smiles at your choice and laughs, "good choice shortee. It will probably be the last choice you'll ever get to make once your new owner gets her hands on you." She takes down a heavy clear glass flower vase and drops you inside and sets it in the center of her kitchen table. "That should keep you out of trouble until I can find someone to give me a few bucks to take you off my hands." She leaves you in the dark as she goes to bed for the night.

The next morning she feeds you and shows you an index card she wrote up that says: "SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY for the right girl. If you like a man that you can own that will do whatever you want whenever you want, I have just the guy for you. I charge a fee for making the connection but this is a once in a lifetime chance for the right girl. Call 803-555-8469".

"I going to hang it on the bulletin board near the cheerleaders locker room at the local college this morning and I bet I get a call back before the end of the day.", she tells you as she gets ready for work, and leaving you trapped in the vase for the day.

They hours pass slowly and although you don't want this to continue you are still anxious for her to return so you will have some change to the narrow round glass walls that surround you. Dana comes back and you can see from the clock it's 5:30 PM. She drops off her things from work and comes over to see you. "Good news. I got a call already and the lucky girls is coming over tonight.

She lets you out to feed you and let you stretch for a while before she drops you back in your prison. "I have things to do and your new girlfriend will be here at 8 and I expect you to be on your best behavior.", she tells you before leaving the room. About an hour passes when you hear the doorbell. Dana answers it and you hear voices as she is talking to this girl to see if she is serious and will pay her before she show you to her. You wonder what kind of reaction you'll see when she finally shows you to this girl. What if she is shocked and runs out to call the police? You don't have to think about it much longer when they come in the room and you see...

Your choices:

  1. A petite good lucking blond who smiles when she sees you
  2. Sophie from the sorority (How bad is your luck?)

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