Meet the Neice

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By: northgate

The package is unwrapped and you see through the glass of the vase a cute blond with piercing blue eyes staring at you. "Oh he's wonderful", she says putting the vase down on the table, "I love him. Thank you" and she gives her aunt a big hug. They go off to talk leaving you in the vase for now.

After a few hours, you hear good-byes and the door closing and blond girl returns and carries the vase with you still in it to her room where she tilts it causing you to slide out to the top of her desk. She looks down at you as you collect yourself and stand up. "My aunt buys me the oddest presents. Hasn't she ever heard of a mall gift card."

"Hi", you begin, "I need your help..."

"Shut it", she tells you giving you a poke with her finger and knocking you over, "I need to think and I don't care about your story. I have a boyfriend and if he sees you he will beat you to a pulp and I don't need to get him bitching at me so I need to figure out what to do with you."

"I can help.", you tell her, "Just call my girlfriend and she'll come get me."

"You have a girlfriend?", she laughs, "Is her name Barbie? No, you are too short for Barbie. What was Barbie's little sister name? Kelly? She's more your size but a bit too young for you." She lets out a big laugh at her own joke. "So does your girlfriend have a reward out for you?"

"I don't know", you tell her, "You see her mom...."

"Shut it", she says again, "I don't want to hear your story. Tell you what, I'll take you to school tomorrow and see if I can sell you to any of my friends. If that doesn't work we'll try calling your girlfriend assuming she is big enough to answer the phone."

"You can't sell me. I'm a person" you say but she is annoyed with your talking and drops you back in the vase and sets it on her desk. She takes off her shirt and you see her tan body and lacy bra. She drapes the shirt over the vase blocking your view. "No free shows for you tiny.", she tells you as she changes for the night.

The next morning she retrieves you and you see she is already dressed in a royal blue cheer leading outfit. She looks really hot but you remember she is only 16. She gives you something to eat before she puts you in the side pocket of her backpack and zips it trapping you inside. You go through the day hearing the sounds of a high school that is gigantic to you and wondering what will happen to you. At lunch, you hear her telling her friends about you and then she takes you out and deposits you onto the lunch table. You look around and see the blond with three of her friends all in matching uniforms looking at you. They all get excited at the sight of you and start pushing and prodding your with their finger tips. One girl picks you up and hold you to her face and blows you a kiss and then proceeds to drop you in her friends half eaten jello. "Yeew, gross", the girl who's jello was ruined yells as she toss you back into the center of the table.

They are joined by a fifth girl also in uniform who gets a look at you and says, "Is he real? How is that possible?"

The blond tells her, "Yes, he's real and if you want I'll sell him to you for the right price."

"Really" the new girl retorts, "This is amazing. My sister is so into the fantasy of having a little man. He would be the ultimate present, her own little guy. How much do you want.".

"How about $200? That sounds about right.", she replies and the girl eagerly agrees saying, "Let's go across the street to the ATM now and I'll get your money." This new girl who is a petite brunette tucks you in her bag and zips it up trapping you as they go off to complete the transaction.

You think that it is the second time in less than a day that you have been given as a present and you hope this will stop soon. When this new girl gets home she takes you out and sets you in her desk. "Welcome to your new home, little guy", she tells you, "My sister is going freak when she sees you. She is just going to love you." She finds a gift box and drops you in it and looks down at you. "Just one word of advice. Don't piss her off. She's usually really nice but if you push her button and get to her, she can really go off the deep end. You're really cute and I hate to see her get mad and crush you. Just keep her happy and you'll do fine.", she says as she puts the lid on the box and uses ribbon to tie it shut and make a box.

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