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By: superfan

"...my niece. After all; a girl is only sweet sixteen once! And, you'll definitely be a one-of-a-kind present for her. Plus, she's just as much into animal rights as I am. And, when I tell her how you were exploited, as human guinea pig...? Well, let's just say she's bound to get very maternal over you."

You should have kept your mouth shut. But, the condescending tone in your giant captress' voice proved too much for you.

"Is that so? Well, maternal or not, she's still a teenager! Right? So, what if she decides to sell me to one of those professional cheersquads, after all, just for some spending money?"

The giantess glares at you: "Then, that'll be her decision, short-stuff. Not yours!"

And, with that, she takes the vase; wraps it up in tissue paper (with you still inside it); then, puts that in a cardboard box which you soon hear her wrapping, as well. A few minutes later, you feel the box being carried somewhere. And, the slamming of a driver-side door soon proves, followed by the ignition of an engine, soon proves that she's starting her car!

An hour later,...

Your choices:

  1. ...you meet the niece.
  2. ...the car gets pulled over (by a state policewoman).

Retrieved September 13, 2016