High School Cheerleader

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By: northgate

"High school cheerleader?!?", you ask, "How bad of an idea to that? I have no intention to being 'lorded over' by some teenage bimbo. Anyway how much money can you really make from a high school cheerleader? How about a professional cheerleader like from the the NFL or one of those NBA dance girls? You could probably get some money from them."

She looks annoyed that you are raising all these points rather than giving her a simple answer. "You know, now that I think of it mt niece is a cheerleader in high school about 50 miles from here and I owe her a birthday present although if her parents found out they might get pissed at me. On the other hand, there is an basketball and football team in the same city that she lives in and might be able to get some decent money from one of them for you."

She smiles down at you with an evil grin and says, " I guess you should go to ..."

Your choices:

  1. my niece
  2. a professional cheerleader

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