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By: superfan

"I did some web-surfing among the macrophile chat rooms," she tells you the next day, at breakfast. With you on top of the breakfast table, still in the glass vase. And, worse, having to sell for her buttered toast crumbs!

"And, I discovered," she continues: "...that most of the ladies I talked to, on-line, are cheerleaders! Pom-pom girls who fantasize about lording over it a guy just like you. Just the way they're frequently lorded over by their boyfriends! So, bearing in mind that you have no third choice available to you, which kind of cheerleaders would you prefer being sold to: high school or college?"

She's right, of course, about that lack of a third alternative. Much as you hate to admit it! So, you grudgingly choose...

Your choices:

  1. ...high school cheerleader.
  2. ...college cheerleader.

Retrieved September 13, 2016