Amy's Mom Volunteers You for a Job

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By: northgate

The orange rolls by you and Amy's mom spots you immediately on the floor. She grabs you up without a second thought and stands up holding you in her hand and looking down at you. "My, my, what do we have here?", she asks herself, "My name is Diane and who might you be."

"I'm Joe. I'm a friend of Amy's from school", you tell her, "I was in her bag when she came home this morning and she left before I could get her attention so I'm stuck here until she gets back."

"Oh, I see", she replies, "So your a friend of Amy's and she thinks you are still back at school, huh?"

"Yes", you reply not sure if you like where this line of questioning is going.

"Well let me ask you something Joe. So you think that her mother would approve of her hanging around with a tiny naked man who stows away in her bag. You aren't exactly my idea of a perfect boyfriend for her. The best part of all of this situation is that you have given me an opportunity to eliminate you from her life and she won't even know I was involved. This is great." She takes a tall glass down from the cupboard and drops you in trapping you while she goes to get the phone.

When she comes back she smiles down at you as she dials a number. You yell up at her, "Look you can't say who your daughter can and can't be friends with. She of adult age and ....", but she cuts you off before you can finish.

"Now you shut up and be quiet", she orders you, "You are in no position to tell me what I can do and if you keep making noise I'll drop you in the garbage disposal and be rid of you now."

You get the message and don't want to go down the drain so you stop talking and start listening as she makes her phone call. You hear her say, "Hi Dana, How's it going..... Are you still looking for entertainment for Melissa's party tonight? .... Oh great, I think I found the perfect answer to your problem. ... I'll be over in a few minutes and you'll be all set. ... Bye" She hangs up the phone and looks down at you trapped in the glass. "So little guy, I hope you're a good dancer.", she says as she tilts the glass sending you tumbling out into her palm. She gets her pocketbook and drops you a side pocket and zips it up. You hear her tell her other daughter that she needs to run an errand and will be back in a little bit.

She gets in her car and after about twenty minutes pass before you sense you are in someone else's house. She unzips the purse and light floods in as her fingers descend upon you pulling you out and dropping you onto a kitchen table. You see a girl nearby looking down at you with long brown straight hair. She look a bit older than Amy but much younger than her mother.

"Joe this is my friend Dana from work. Dana, meet Joe. He's going to be your dancer and entertainment tonight", Diane says.

Dana looks at you and lets out a little laugh. "He looks a bit small for the job. We are looking for a real exotic dancer. Someone who will make Melissa all hot and bothered."

"This is better Dana", Diane replies, "He can pop out of a cake and dance and she can do whatever she wants to him and best all of he works free of charge."

Dana thinks for a moment and looks you over. She runs her finger down the front of your body stopping at your penis and plays with it giving you a hard on. "Maybe this can work. This party is getting pretty expensive and my maid of honor dress was a fortune. I could save some money and he certainly would be unique. OK, thanks Diane. I'll get him back to you on Monday."

"Oh no", Diane replies as she turns to leave, "I don't need him back and you can do whatever you want with him after the party"

You start to protest but Dana grabs you up in her fist taking your breath away. Diane leaves and Dana turns her attention to you. "OK little guy, you are going to get some rest now because you're going to have a busy night. It's my best friend, Melissa's bachelorette party and you are going to pop out of a cake, strip and dance for her. If you don't do a good job, you will piss me off and trust me when I say you don't want to piss me off. She puts you in a box and closes the lid while telling you to rest up.

A few hours go by when she comes back. She gives you some food and water which you appreciate and she presents you with your outfit for the night. It is a tiny sheik's costume that she made which is appropriate considering what you have been through. It consists of underwear that goes on like a diaper and a couple layers of thin white material finally topped off with a white robe. "Now let me see you dance and strip she tells you as she turns on a song on her iPod which is in a nearby dock. She coaches you on the moves until she is happy with the dance. She takes you over the cake which is hollowed out in the center where she will place you to hide. She has a decorative cover that will be loosely fit over you and it will be covered with icing. She tells you that she will cut the cake making an exit path for you to coming dancing out of your hiding place and do your show. She shows you a picture of Melissa so you know who you are suppose to dance for and that you will do whatever she wants to do. Be aggressive she prompts you as hides you in the cake and then places the cake in the box to keep it safe until the right time at the party.

You sit there and think of escape but you know this girl would kill out for messing up her party and maybe if you get lucky you'll meet someone at the party that will take you home. Eventually you start to hear the guests arrive including Melissa who the girls squeal over and make a fuss. You hear them eating and at one point someone asks Dana about the entertainment and she says tells them not to worry. Eventually you feel the cake moving and it is placed on a coffee table in front of the couch where Melissa is sitting. You hear the music from earlier come on and then you see the knife come down intruding into your hiding space as Dana cuts the first slice. You have to move back to avoid getting cut with the cake but a moment later the slice is lifted out of the way and it is showtime.

You come out of the cake directly in front of Melissa and start your dance. You shout out, "The prince of Persia is here for you Melissa" and all the girls laugh and squeal at the sight of a tiny costumed stripper and crowd closer to see you. There must be at least twelve or fifteen girls watching as you dance for her. Every time you remove some piece of your outfit the girls all scream and laugh. Dana is smiling in the crowd so at least you know she is happy. You see a girl hand Melissa a dollar bill to tip you but she doesn't know what to do with it and holds on to it nervously folding it. You continue until you are now down to your underwear, the last garment on you, and the girls haven't let up a bit cheering you on.

You remove the last bit of clothes and all the girls go wild as you dance over to the cake and take a bit of icing and smear it over your privates. The girl next to Melissa carefully lifts you up to Melissa's face to lick it off which she does reluctantly giving you an instant boner. The girls releases you and you slide down Melissa's chest grabbing at her necklace to step you from falling but leaving you hanging between her breasts. She gets in the spirit of things and gives you a squeeze between her breasts. You lose your grip and when she releases the pressure you tumble down to her lap. Suddenly a few of her friends are cheering her on and her fingers come down and start tickling you. She picks you up and smashes you face first into her piece of cake covering you in icing which she carefully licks off with her tongue.

Before you can recover the music gets louder and all the girls start dancing including Melissa who carries you into the crowd and starts dancing with you spinning you around. She hands you to another girls who dances and plays with you for a while before passing ou to another and then another. This continues for sometime until one girl finally drops you on back on the coffee table giving you a rest. You find a piece of cake on the table that you eat rewarding yourself.

After a while the party starts to break up and girls are leaving. Melissa gives you a kiss goodnight and thanks you for the dance. She tells you that she wishes she could take you home but her fiance Tim wouldn't be too happy. She offers to give you to her flower girl so you could live in her dollhouse but you shudder at the thought of being a toy for some little brat and you politely tell her no thanks.

A tall blond girl with huge breasts picks you up without warning. "How would you like to come home with me, tiny?", she asks. We could have lots of fun. You were hoping for someone to pick you up and this girl did it literally. She seems OK but you aren't sure as she seems a little bit odd.

"What do you have in mind?", you ask trying to feel her out.

"Well, you can come over. I have my own place and and hang out and we can see what happens from there. The night is still young and we can have some fun."

You're not sure what she means since it is after midnight but what the hell, you don't have many alternatives. Just then Dana comes over and sees you with this girl. "Hey Carisha, what's up?, she asks the girl. "Wow, even her name is odd", you think hearing Dana say it.

"The little guy and I are going to go hang out for a while. I offered him a ride", Carisha replies.

Dana thinks for a moment and says...

Your choices:

  1. I don't think so. He belongs to me and I have plans for him.
  2. Sure, you two have fun.

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