Holy Indiana Jones!

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By: superfan

Very stealthily, you make your way along the wall parallel to the staircase, until you reach the doorway to the kitchen. Amy's mother is currently standing at the kitchen counter, to the left of the sink, putting some non-perishables into the cabinets above. So, naturally, her back is turned towards you.

You seize this opportunity to run, on tip-toe, across the open floor to the kitchen table's underside. There, you pause to catch your breath, while simultaneously trying to think of a way to get this older woman's attention. Suddenly, you hear her exclaim: "Oh, shoot!"

She's dropped an orange on to the floor, and it's rolling under the table straight towards you!

Your choices:

  1. The orange bowls you over.
  2. Amy's mom grabs it, and spots you at the same time.

Retrieved September 13, 2016