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By: northgate

You make it to the suitcase and hide in one of the compartments. After a while exhaustion hits you and you fall asleep. You are out until the morning when you are awoken by Amy closing the suitcase and carrying you out to the car. She gets picked up and the drive begins. It's a long drive and being in the dark suitcase and the vibration of the car lulls you back to sleep as you only got a couple hours last night.

When you wake up every thing is quiet and you climb out of your hiding place to see you are in an empty bedroom. This must be Amy's room at her home. You look around and wait for a couple hours when you realize what must have happened. While you were sleeping, she must have come home and switched her clothes in the suitcase for her camping backpack or bag and you've been left behind. You figure it is still better than being with Sophie but you also realize you are hungry and what to explore around the house to see if you can find something to eat.

The door is open and you walk out to the hallway. This looks like a split level house so it's only a few steps down to the main level and the kitchen. You make it to the bottom of the steps when you hear a noise and realize it is someone at the door. You quickly hide behind the leg of a table that is adjacent to bottom of the steps and watch the front door. In walks two people that you guess are Amy's mother and sister. They are carrying bags that looks like they just returned from food shopping. The mother is pretty hot looking to be Amy's mom. She is tall with straight black hair and a toned body that makes you think she works out to keep looking good. Her sister drops the bags and going in the living room plops on the couch and turns on the TV. You figure she must be in high school maybe 17 or 18 years old also tall but with dirty straight blond hair.

You wonder if you should continue to hide and wait for Amy knowing she will probably take you back to the sorority and Sophie or do you reveal yourself to your two new housemates. You decide you don't want to go to the sorority and once her family knows about you, they'll convince Amy to let you stay here.

You decide to reveal yourself to her ...

Your choices:

  1. mother
  2. sister

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