stay with Amy and hope for the best.

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By: superfan

You figure no wild animal of the woods could possibly be any worse than Sophie! So, with the utmost reluctance, you slowly ease out of Amy's hold and march to the foot of the bed. From that vantage point, you see that Amy has left one of her suitcases open, so she can get an early start on packing for the trip home.

Stealthily, you climb down to the carpeted floor, using the creased edge of the bedspread as your rope. When you drop the last couple inches, you land without a sound. You then proceed towards the suitcase, intending to stow away in one of its inner compartments.

And, you mutter a little a prayer that Fate will let you succeed.

Your choices:

  1. Your prayer is answered.
  2. Just the opposite.

Retrieved September 13, 2016