...Sophie grudgingly accepts the apology.

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By: northgate

Sophie grudgingly accepts your apology and you worry as you see a smile form on her face and you start to worry.

She says, "Maybe we didn't have the best start but I'm glad to see we are all friends now.". She pauses for a moment in thought and continues, "I have a great idea. I'm going home for the three day weekend coming up. You could come home with me for the weekend and get out of this sorority house to someplace safe and we could get to be better acquainted."

"That's a great idea", Amy chimes in, "I was going camping with my dad for the weekend so you taking him home would work out good."

"Crap", is all you can think as you realize you are stuck with this situation. Your only other choice would be to escape these girls and take your chance in the sorority house.

Sophie picks you up in her fist and holds you up to her face. Her hot breath washes over you as she says, "It will be so much fun, won't it tiny? You'll love coming to my house and hanging out in my bedroom." She gives you an uncomfortably tight squeeze and she continues to smile down at you.

"Let me have him", Amy tells her roommate, "I want to spend some time with him before the weekend." She takes you from Sophie and carries you over to her bed where she lies down with you. "I'm going to miss you soooo much", she tells you as she runs her finger down the length of your body giving you a hard-on. "You are so bad", she tells you noticing your member and she gives you a hug against her breast. She continue to coo over you and play with you until she is ready to go to sleep. "I think you should sleep with me tonight", she tells you as she changes for bed. She climbs into bed and brings you up against her t-shirt and you an feel the warmth of her breast beneath the cotton T. She shuts off the light and falls asleep dreaming of her little man.

You lie there in the darkness after both Amy and Sophie have gone to sleep and think this may be your last chance to escape before Sophie takes you for three days. You finally decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. make a run for it.
  2. stay with Amy and hope for the best.

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