Back at the Sorority

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By: northgate

You wake up and the first thing you sense is that you are no longer in Sophie's outfit and the air is cool and clean. You take a deep breath and immediately realize you are held in place and unable to move. You struggle to move and see that you are taped across the torso and held in place lying flat on your back. You struggle to move but can't get loose.

Amy and Sophie both come over to you and look down at you. "Amy", you yell out, "Sophie has been really mean to me. See she taped me down".

Amy looks at you and replies, "Well Sophie told me you haven't been very good and tried to run away for her to get with some hot girl at her club. Aren't you happy being with us?"

"What are you talking about. I did no such thing", you tell her.

"Sorry little guy but I know Sophie a lot longer than I know you so you'll understand if I take her word over yours.", Amy tells you.

Sophie tells her, "Maybe we are being tough on the little guy. After all he isn't going to run away with both of us here in this room." She picks up a pair a scissors and holds them menacingly close to you as she snips the tape along side you. Then she takes the end of the tape and pulls at it freeing you and causing you enormous pain as rips from your skin. "There you go tiny. Just don't start running again or we'll tape you up like a mummy", Sophie laughs.

You turn to Amy, "I'll be good but please don't make me go with her again. She is evil." you say referring to Sophie.

"That's not very nice. If you want to stay with us then you need to apologize to my friend.", Amy tells you.

You really don't want to apologize but it may be your best choice to keep the peace. You decide to .....

Your choices:

  1. apologize to Sophie for saying she is evil
  2. refuse to apologize

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