Sophie Opens The Drawer

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By: northgate

You yell for help and a moment later the drawer opens and light floods in. You shield your eyes from the light to see who has come to rescue you but all you see is a hand coming at you. Your eyes adjust to the light and you see you are being dangled in front of Sophie's face. "I knew you couldn't be trusted to be quiet.", she tells you, "First you try to escape and then you try to call for help. That's two strikes against you already. You don't deserve to be with Amy. We'll just need to make her see that." She unzips her over-sized bag and drops you in a side pocket. "It's time to go back to the house anyway. So try to be quiet for once.", she tell you as she zips it up.

The ride back to the sorority house is uneventful and when you get there Sophie takes you out and deposits you on top of her desk. "What do we have here?", she asks herself as she picks up a note from her desk. "Oh great. Looks like we can have some more quality time together." She drops the paper down next to you and goes to get changed. You look at the note and it reads, "Sophie- I forget I had a date tonight with Jim so I wouldn't be back until late. -Amy".

Sophie turns back toward you as you read the note and sees your face as you read the note. "Awww, you look a little heartbroken, tiny. Did you think Amy was going to be your girlfriend and take care of you. You're just a toy to her just like you are to me. Nothing more.", she sneers at you. She is only wearing her bra and panties and looks pretty hot right now. She doesn't miss a trick as she also notices you checking her out. "Oh, you like the view, huh?", she asks, "Then how about a little game before I go for dinner?" She picks you up and drops you down on the floor. "Like my pretty toes?", she asks tilting her bare foot at you, "Now let's see how good you are at avoiding them." She lifts her foot a bit and spreads her toes showing you that she intends on grabbing you up between them.

You don't need a second warning and take off running and looking for cover. Her bare foot comes down right next to you nearly knocking you over and she laughs from above, "This isn't much or a challenge" You dodge her and change direction but her foot comes down in your path and you go tumbling across them. You're a little slow to get up and you see her position her foot and spread her toes again. You start to run but she is too fast as she sweeps in and grabs you up between her first and second toe and squeeze you tight. "You lose", she says as she pivots on her heel to avoid crushing you and sits down on her bed. She crosses her leg over the other leaving you trapped between her toes in mid-air.

"Now this is all fun but what are we going to do about you. You're a pathetic little weakling but you must be good for something. I need to figure that out soon because if I keep playing with you, I'll probably break you sooner or later. It's what I did to all my toys." She squeezes you a bit tighter before moving back on the bed so you are only a few inches above the blanket on the bed. She releases the pressure and you tumble down to the bed but before you can react she brings her foot down over you pinning you down. "How does it feel to be under my foot?", she asks, "Now kiss it or I'll press down harder."

You comply and after a long wait she lifts her foot away. "Well play time is over and you need to be put away while I go eat.". She picks you up and carries you back over to her desk where she deposits you in the top drawer with pens pencils and various other supplies. "Now I hope I don't need to remind you that if you yell out it will be your third strike and that would be bad so just behave in there and I'll bring you back something to eat." She closes the drawer and you sit in the darkness miserable about your situation. You decide you only recourse is to ...

Your choices:

  1. sit quietly and wait for Sophie
  2. try to escape the drawer

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