Inside Sophie Bra

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By: northgate

Sophie doesn't wait fr your answer and decides for you. "Since we are going to be such close friends, I think you should snuggle up to my breasts", she tells you as she inserts you into her sports bra pinning you against her. She slips on a loose fitting tank top to hide the bulge in her bra. "Too bad we don't have hot yoga tonight. I'd love to see what that would do to you.", she laughs.

She enters the workout floor and starts a class which unfortunately you can't see. You know there are woman there and you wish you could get loose and try to get one of them to rescue you but you can move flattened against her petite tit. The workout starts slow as they stretch but once it gets underway she heats up and the sweat pours from you. You keep thinking you'll pass out from the heat but you aren't that lucky. The class in an hour long but it feels like an eternity to you.

After the workout, you don't get an relief as Sophie decides to chat it up with some of the women in her class. You struggle to get free although you don't know if you could survive a fall to the floor. Her sweat helps you maneuver slowly and you try to work your head to the edge of the bra. Suddenly her hand comes up and yanks you out. She dangles you upside down in front of her face. You look around and see you are in a private office probably for the instructors. "Going somewhere?", she asks.

"No", you try to explain, "I was trying to get some air. I was so hot I thought I might pass out."

"Liar!", she snarls at you, "I know you heard those hot girls I was talking to and you were trying to get to them. All you men are alike." She carries you across the room to a small utility sink and drops you in. "I was going to let you take a shower with me and let you check out the naked girls but you lost that special treat." She turns the cold water and drenches you with a torrent from the faucet. "That should cool you off", she laughs at you as you try to avoid the stream of cold water hitting you." When she is satisfied at your punishment, she turns the water off and removes you from the sink and uses a paper towel to roughly dry you off. She carries you over to a nearby desk, opens a drawer and drops you in. "Now you better be quiet in there until I come back. If I hear a sound out of that drawer you will have a real punishment coming to you." She closes the drawer leaving you in darkness.

You sit in the darkness and wonder how you can get away from this monster Sophie and still be with that sweet girl Amy. You think that maybe it would be better to escape and find help elsewhere. About an hour goes by and you hear a noise as someone enters the room. You wonder if you should take a chance and decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. Yell for help
  2. SIt quietly and hope for the best

Retrieved September 13, 2016