Amy and you shower together

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By: northgate

Amy tells Sophie that she needs to take a shower before bed anyway so she'll just include you in her shower routine. She strips down bare naked and you can't help but notice her cute body. She slips on a terry cloth robe and picks you up., "I saw you checking me out", she says, "Now it's your turn after all we can't get your clothes wet in the shower."

You reluctantly strip as Amy and Sophie watch you with smiles on their faces. You stop with your briefs still on and Amy scoops you up and drops you in the robe pocket. You hear Sophie tell her that she is heading out for her night job and you are relieved that you won't see her again for a while.

Amy reaches the bathroom and fortunately this one is a single which she can lock the door and keep you from being interrupted. She takes off the robe and adjusts the water before taking you out. Once it is all set she takes you out and tugs off your briefs setting them aside on the counter. She sets your tiny body in an unused soap dish mounted in the wall about level with her breasts. You watch in amazement as she soaps up and washes herself. She turns to you and sees your tiny boner from watching her. "It's that cute", "she says as she plays with it between two soapy fingertips. You are in ecstasy from her treatment but she thinks it is just good fun as she picks you up and changes course by covering your body in soapsuds to wash you off.

When she is done she dries both herself and you off and your naked body is dropped back in her robe pocket for the ride back to her room. When you arrive, she tells you that she is tired from all the action and needs to get up early so she is going to bed. She slips into bed in her robe and pulls the covers over herself. She then gentle removes you from her pocket and kisses you softly. "I am so lucky to find you. You are the cutest guy I've ever seen.", she says as she tucks you inside her robe and against her breast as she shuts off the light and goes to sleep.

Your choices:

  1. She remembers she left your tiny briefs in the bathroom
  2. Someone else finds tiny men's briefs in the bathroom.

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