Sophie's Socks

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By: northgate

Sophie smiles and says, "I know where to hid you where they'll never look, in my socks." She picks up a freshly worn sweat sock and drops you in. She smiles down at you, "Everything will be just fine with the three of us. Just remember to be quiet and don't tell Amy about our special time together and everything will be fine. She rolls up the sock and sticks it in the pocket of a jacket that she zips up and hangs in Amy's closet. She shuts the light off and closes the door as she leaves to search with the rest of the sorority.

Sophie joins up with Amy in searching the first floor and she tells her that she was able to find a secure place for her little secret and not to worry. Amy tells her they are about to call off the search and just have everyone keep an eye open for the little man although most of the girls now think this is just an elaborate plan by Audrey to screw with them.

They both go upstairs to the room and Amy asks Sophie anxiously where she hide you. She goes in the closet and removes the sock with you trapped inside from the jacket pocket. She shakes you out of the sock and dumps you out into the palm of her hand. You look up at her and she gives you a look that you take as she is not screwing around with her threat.

Amy comes over and snags you out of Sophie's palm and pulls you close to her breast to hug you. You hug back her glad to be back with her and you can feel through her t-shirt she doesn't have a bra and your head is against her nipple. "I missed you so much, little man.", she tells you hugging you tighter but you don't mind as long as you are away from the others. She holds her up and gives you a kiss, "I never want to lose you. You are so adorable." She catches a whiff of you and turns to Sophie, "He stinks, was that one of your worn socks?" Sophie smiles back, "It's all I had, anyway it kept him hidden and I think he liked the smell."

Amy sighs at her roommates idea of funny and says "Well now I'm going to need to clean him up and I don't want anyone else to see him. What should we do....

Your choices:

  1. Amy hides him in her bathrobe and sneaks him to the showers
  2. Sophie going to work so she'll clean him there

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