Sophie Gets You Back

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By: northgate

You are climbing up to the stage when a shadow is cast upon you and a hand quickly and quietly grabs you up. The person spins around and immediately starts ascending the steps to the back exit of the lecture hall. You crane your neck and see it s Sophie who came down and spotted you trying to make an escape. She stops and the back of the hall and shoves you in a side pocket of her backpack and zips it up tightly. "Wait until I get you back to the house. You'll be sorry you were ever born."

You sulk in darkness as she goes to her classes and lunch never opening the pocket to feed or even check on you. It isn't until after dinner and returns to her and Amy's room in the sorority house that she takes you out of the pocket. She drops you in a tall glass on her desk trapping you. "No move escapes for you. I trusted you and you immediately betrayed me and now you are really going to be punished. Amy got a job working at the campus movie theater two nights a week so tonight it will just be the two of us. She takes a candle down from the shelf, lights it and sets it aside. Next she goes into her closet and extracts a plastic tool box. "When I was a freshman I took a jewelry elective and my parents got me this whole set for making jewelry. I didn't have much use for it until now. Not only are you going to be punished tonight, I'm going to make sure you don't run on me again."

You watch her taking out pliers and heavy wire and wire jigs and you are really worried about what she has in mind. She picks up the glass you are in and holds it up to her face. "I almost feel sorry for you but its your own fault. I want you to remember that", she tells you as she tips the glass sending you tumbling out on to the surface of her desk. She takes several lengths of tape from a roll in her drawer and sticks them to the edge of her desk. Next she swiftly pushes you down onto your back and uses the tape to secure you down, She places a strip across your chest and stomach and finally one holding one leg down. She then goes to her tools and you watch as she takes wire creates a loop at the end and then a bend. She cuts the wire from the roll and brings it up to your free leg pressing your ankle into the curve and then she bends the remaining wire coiling around your ankle and shin for several tight turns. When she is done the coil is secured to your leg with the loop protruding off the back of your ankle. She tapes the leg down and then releases the other leg and repeats the process. When she is done she pulls the tape off you and you scream in pain like a giant band-aid being pulled off your body.

She smiles down at her handiwork as you struggle to try and remove her homemade shackles. They are too tight to slide off and you try to unbend the wire put it is too thick for you to have any effect on it. She reaches over and blows out the candle she lit before. She smiles and says, "Looks like my jewelry skills are coming in pretty handy."

You are annoyed that you have these heavy metal shackles on your legs. "OK, you made your point with your punishment.", you tell her conceding the point to her.

"Oh no, that isn't your punishment.", she tells you, "They are to keep you from running away again. I'll demonstrate how they work when you are walking again. This is your punishment". She points at the now smoldering candle. It is in a round jar probably about five inches across and five inches high. "Any have anyone drip hot wax on you", she asks as she cuts two short lengths of string from a ball. "I had it on my nipple once by a girlfriend", she continues.

"You can't do that", you yell, "You'll burn me." You want to run but there is no where to go on the desk top and your new shackles will certainly slow you down.

"Oh, I'm not going to drip wax on you. Your punishment needs to be much worse but first I need to get you ready because I know you'll scream like a little girl". She pulls your arms back and ties a string around your wrists securing them tightly behind your back. You are now helpless and panicking as you watch her tie a simple knot in the second string and shoves it in your mouth. She wraps the string around your neck a few times and ties it off in the back. This all happens very quickly and she picks you up in her one hand and takes a small hammer out of her toolbox and holds it near you. "Don't ever run on me again or I swear I will take this hammer to your ankle and crush it."

You want to respond but you are unable and helpless in her hand. She puts the hammer down and shifts you so she is holding your chest between her fingertips. She moves you over the candle and thrusts you into the still hot liquid wax up past your knees jamming your feet and ankles into the more solid wax below. She lets go and you remain stuck in the wax. The pain is searing and you scream but the gag does it's job silencing you. Tears run down your face and she laughs, "I knew you'd scream and cry like a baby." She blows on the candle to expedite the wax hardening which is also cooling the wax that helps a little but her breath smells terrible. "We had the best garlic bread tonight", she laughs as she continues blow, "Doesn't it smell great?".

She goes back to doing some school work while checking on you occasionally. Once the pain comes down a bit you wonder how much damage this will do to you and if you will even survive this. It is after 10 PM when she says, "Amy will be home soon so it's bed time for you. She opens a deep drawer in her desk and places the candle with you still stuck in it into the drawer and closes it leaving you in the dark and miserable.

You are stuck there until about noon the next day. Sophie lift you out and shows you a steak knife that scares the hell out of you. She uses it to cut between the wax and the side of the glass jar and sliding the wax with you still stuck out of the jar. She then takes the knife and carves away the wax until you are left with a block of wax on each of your legs. She cuts the strings freeing you although you are unable to walk and fall over when she releases you onto a plate that she had been eating from that still had some crumbs from a what she had been eating. "Oh, poor baby", she says mockingly, "Run again and this will feel like a picnic compared to that hammer." She has a cup of water with a straw. She dips the straw in the water and caps the end with her finger capturing some water and dribbles it over your head allowing you to have a drink. She pushes some bread crumbs next to you that you gobble up. "Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I had to wait for Amy to leave this morning. before I could take you out for more playtime." Now I need to do some things I need to do around here but I have a job for you. She drops a bent paperclip, a tack, a screw and some other miscellaneous pieces of small hardware. "Dig yourself out of that wax and get all cleaned up before I get done or I'll use a lighter to melt it off you".

You don't need her to tell you a second time and get to work wondering how much damage you have to your legs. You chip away endlessly until you have it all off you. You are amazed that the damage is limited to what looks like a bad sunburn and you can still move all of your toes. You clean the final remains of wax off of your metal shackles when she comes back over to you. "Wow good job and you look no worse for wear. That awesome cause now I can show you the rest of my plan.", she says as she takes out a small short chain with spring clips on each end. She grabs you up in her fist and flips you upside down and clips each end of the chain to the loop on the back of your leg shackles. She sets you back down and you shuffle along like a prisoner on a chain gang.

"Great", you tell her, "like the shackles weren't bad enough you have to add a chain".

"No, you don't get it", she responds, "That's not the best part. This is ...." and she picks up her pocketbook and sets it down next to you. On the side attached to the strap ring is a metal spring loaded d-clip with her keys hanging. "Check this out", she continues and grabs you up and slides the chain on your legs legs on to the D-clip leaving you hanging from the side of her pocketbook. "Just think of all the possibilities. I can hang you where ever I want to. Isn't that great?"

You just groan at her comment think about the unimagined tortures she can put you through.

She unhooks you from the D-clip and unhooks one side of the chain and instead connects the open end to a heavy key chain fob she gets out of her desk. "that should keep you from running off", she says as she deposits you back in the drawer throws you a kiss. "Amy and I have an afternoon shopping planned so you can chill out in here and maybe I'll find some time for you later."

Your choices:

  1. Sophie retrieves you that night

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