Sophie slips on her Uggs with you still in it.

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By: northgate

You are awaken when the boot that is your prison starts to move. You roll backwards toward the heel and you look up to see Sophie grinning in at you. She reverses the action and you go rolling back down to the toe section. Next you are horrified as her bare foot enters the boot and you are squeezed between her toes and the boot. She wiggles her toes torturing you further and makes her way downstairs to get breakfast. You hear her chatting with friends and you wish you could have something to eat but with your mouth gagged you can't even eat her toe jam.

Next she leaves for class and her footfalls as she walks are painful to you. She doesn't care about your suffering as your her little slave whose only purpose is to amuse her. When she gets to class you are relieved when she takes her feet out of the boots to stretch while the lecture goes on. You are so thankful that you get a break from her hot sweaty foot. You notice that her toe wiggling earlier and the walk loosened the floss holding your arms and you are able to get free. You remove the gag and untie your legs and stretch out yourself finally gaining a little bit of freedom. You realize you need to get out of the boot before her foot returns. You crawl along to the heel and look up to the top. It is a long way but the only way out and you grab handfuls of fur and start climbing out.

When you reach the top you see Sophie leg is right next to the boot and you need a way down. The sides are suede so there is no way down other than to jump. You position to the front of the boot so when you jump you'll hit the top of the foot section rather than the hard floor. You go for it and you land and roll off the top without a problem.

You get your bearings and you see her bare foot is right next to you and she is stretching her toes and you shudder and getting caught between them again. You look around and see this lecture hall is theater style so you could go along the row or maybe jump down to the row in front of you but going back is not an option. You listen to the voice lecturing and realize this is a biology class which means maybe the biology professor lecturing can help you.

You start working your way under the seats down toward the front hoping to make it without getting spotted or before the class ends. You finally make it to the bottom row. You can see from under the front row seat that t professor in front of you on a stage that is a step up and it is probably to tall for you. You figure you can wait until the end of the class and then either get her attention or find a way up.

The class ends and you start to make your way to the stage when you realize students are coming down to talk to her after class and you have no chance to get her attention and odds of you being spotted just increased. Fortunately they all join her on stage so you are relatively safe finding your own way. You cross to the step and then walk along the edge when you spot an electrical outlet box mounted against the step that you can climb up on to reach the stage. You climb up on the box see there are only three students left talking so you better not take too long. You climb the up onto the stage and .....

Your choices:

  1. Sophie spots you and grabs you.
  2. you make it onto the stage

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