Massage Sophie's Feet

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By: northgate

You approach Sophie's sweaty feet and start massaging them although you aren't very successful. She picks you up and carries you to her bed where she sits down with her feet on the bed and drops you next to them. Since her foot is now turned it is easier for you to try and work on it but within a few moments she has decided she isn't satisfied with your job. "I can't feel a thing, runt.", she tells you, "Let's try a different approach.". Suddenly the soles of her feet come together trapping you in between them and squeezing you . You try to yell out to her but you can't be heard with your face buries in her feet.

She just keep kneading your body between her feet slowing rolling you around. "Well that's a little better, at least I feel you now.", she tells you as she continues without stopping to hear your response. When she is finally done with you, she releases you but instead of falling a little to the bed, you fall through the air and realize you are going to impact the floor and it will hurt. You look down and see instead of being headed for the floor your are headed for the opening in her Uggs boots. Before you can react you hit the fur lined inside of her boot and at least upon assessment you realize you didn't break anything.

Sophie picks up the boot and looks down at you. "Hello down there, Comfy?", she asks not really expecting a response. She tilts the boot sending you tumbling into the toe sections. "Got a problem down there?", she giggled as she tilts it the opposite way sending you rolling back to the heel. "So helpless, I love it.", She says, "Well it's been fun but I need to change for dinner." She puts the boot down and you think maybe you could climb up when she leaves. You can hear her but you can't see her until she comes back into view holding something in her hand that you realize is her undies and t-shirt from the run. "Nighly nighty" she says as she first stuffs the dirty undies followed by the t-shirt trapping you in the boot and plunging you into darkness.

She puts you back down though you don't know if the boot is out in the open or put away in the closet. You try pushing on the undies although her scent is overwhelming but it is useless as they are jammed in tight. You lay on the fur lined floor of her boot and wonder how you got to this point and you drift off to sleep.

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  1. Sophie Wakes You for a New Day of Torture

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