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By: northgate

Sophie looks down at you with a cruel smile. "Looks like you lose. It's better that way. Amy spoiled you and you need me to keep you in line. I just hope I don't run out of games to play with you. Now what should I do with you now?', she asks you.

"How about letting me curl up in a nice quiet spot for a nice long rest.", you ask hopefully.

"You'll have time to sleep tonight. That is if you cooperate and play my games. Otherwise you may end up hanging upside down for the night.", she tells you, but first I need to give you your punishment for failing the rope climb. I think I'll go for a run and you can come with me."

You watch as she changes into shorts and a t-shirt and she takes off her shoes and puts on white socks. She picks you up and holds you up, "What do you think shirty? Three miles good today?" You don't get to answer as she lowers to her ankle and tucks you inside her right sock so you are against her leg just above her ankle. Then you feel her slide on a hair scrunchy to hold you in place. She puts on her running shoes and is off without another word.

She steps outside and starts running down the street and each step jars your body to the core like a jackhammer. She continues without a stop for three miles until your stomach is nauseous and your head is throbbing. She comes back in the soroity house and stops in the kitchen to get a drink and chit chat with her friends while you stayed trapped in her sock.

Eventually, she returns to her room and removes you along with her shoes and socks. She is sitting on the side of the bed and you are on the floor in front of her and you can smell the foot odor emanating from her foot. She extends her foot out to you and says, "My feet hurt from the run. I need a foot massage. Now!"

You ....

Your choices:

  1. approach her and get to work
  2. back away. You don't want anything to do with her feet right now.

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