Sophie Returns to the Sorority House

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By: northgate

Sophie returns to her room at the sorority and you can hear her talking to her roommate Amy and you wish you could escape and get back to sweet Amy. Sophie opens her bag to remove some items and she looks down at you with an evil smile. She thinks for a minute before removing you still attached to the pen and drops you into a pencil cup on her desk. She takes a little piece of scotch tape and places it across your face to keep you quiet.

You listen to her talk some more to Amy and finally Amy says something about going out for a few hours and that she'll be back at dinner time. Once she leaves Sophie turns her attention to you. She unties you from the pen and you are free to remove the tape from your face. "See I'm so bad. Amy's out for a while and we'll have more time to play. You want to play or should I put you away again?", she asks.

You don't want to be tied to a pen or dropped in a smelly boot again so you say, "Please don't put me away again, mistress".

She smiles at you. "Good", she says, "Now we should play a little game and I'll make it worth your while. I'll give you a challenge and if you can do it, I'll let you get close to Amy again. If you don't do it I'll have fun punishing you. Ready?"

You know you don't have a choice so you just nod to the affirmative as she takes a length of string from her desk drawer and ties it to the shelf over her desk and lets it down so it drapes down to the desk top. She places you next to it and says, "This is simple. You just need to climb up to the shelf and you win."

You grabs the string and start to climb. This isn't something you were ever good at but you are determined to make it to the top and get a chance with Amy. Once you are about a third of the way up, Sophie grabs the bottom of the string and gives it a shake. You try desperately to hold on and ....

Your choices:

  1. You somehow make it to the top
  2. You lose your grip and fall to the hard desk below.

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