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By: northgate

She carries you in her purse and a small velvet bag and although it isn't exactly traveling in comfort it is better than hoe she has been treating you. When she takes you out you find yourself on a desk. Sophie is sitting on a stool in front of you . You look behind you and there is a wall. Actually it it is a counter on the front of the desk that blocks you from seeing the wait is going on in front of the desk. You look around and realize you are in a health club of some kind and she most work the front desk.

She looks down at you and says, "This is a great job. Lots of time to read or study or play with you. Now you better behave and not cause me trouble of what I do to you will be ten times worse than last night." You start to walk around but her hand comes up and knocks you down on your back. She brings her thumb down on your chest and pins you down. "I always want to have a guy under my thumb. Thanks." The tip of her fingernail comes up to your throat and you are afraid she is going to end your life right there. But instead she looks up across the counter to some one you can't see and says as sweet as can be, "Oh yes sir, just go right down that hall and it is the second door on the left." before hesitating a moment and looking back down at you with evil in her eyes.

She releases you but just for a moment as she answers someone else question but her fingers are back on you a moment later. She hold you about a foot of the counter and uses her fingers to manipulate you like she might a pen through her fingers. "I wish I could shrink all the guys who com through here. Then I'd have lots of toys to play with and I would worry about breaking a few of them." , she tells you as she continues to twist you in every direction between her fingers. You worry about what she just said because you know she don't care about your welfare just losing her toy.

Someone comes up to the counter and starts asking her some involved questions and she lets you go and you fall to the hard desk surface but you are OK. You stand up and try to walk around the desktop again and you see Sophie take a pen to give to the unseen girl at the counter to fill out some form. She takes the other pen from the wire mesh pen cup and drops it on to the desk. Then she takes the pen cup and flips it over and lowers it down on you trapping you inside. She is engrossed in her conversation with this girl who doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the pack and you try tipping over the pen cup and it works freeing yourself.

Sophie catches sight of you and flips the cup back up the right way and drops you inside followed by several pens and pencils that were on the desk weighting it down. You are unable to get free now and you are forced to wait while she deals with several people. "I hate the lunchtime rush", she says to you after the crowd leaves. She handles the stream of people and slowly it dwindles back down. Then she finally takes you out of the cup and positions you around a fat pen like you are hugging it and winds tape around you taping you in place. She drops you back in the pen cup and says, "Now you be good and don't try anything. I'm going on a break for a few minutes.

She leaves the desk and you stay there stuck to a pen in a cup. You wonder if anyone is going to come by and find you there. About fifteen minutes go by and no one has come to the desk at least that you can see when she finally comes back carrying a water bottle that is bigger than you. She sets it down and starts reading a book ignoring you.

"What about me?", you ask her and she reaches in and takes the pen with you attached out and spins it through her fingers like she did to you earlier totally ignoring you and making you dizzy as she continues reading her book. She leaves you attached to the pen her entire shift and when she is done working, she looks at you and says, "I went easy on you for moving that cup when I wanted you in there. Next time will be worse. She drops the pen with you attached in her purse and closes it leaving you in darkness as she leaves.

Your choices:

  1. Sophie returns to the sorority house
  2. Sophie goes to visit a friend

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