Sophie takes you to a Lecture

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By: northgate

Sophie takes you out and you are in a large lecture hall. You look around and see no one nearby. You are too small to see the front of the hall but you can hear a the class hasn't started yet and you sit down on her desk. She takes out a notebook and pen and flips through the pages. She looks down at you and says, "Not enough room for you on my desk. You can work on massaging my feet some more" and with that she drops you on the floor and slips off her sandals. Her toes descend on you and knock you to the ground and she uses them to play with you.

The lecture starts and she quietly says to you "Get to work" and you start massaging each of her toes while she takes notes above you. She is preoccupied thinking about the lecture and you stop massaging and she doesn't notice. You think for a moment this may be your chance to get away from this awful girl. You look both ways but there doesn't appear to be anyone on the same row. The hall is stadium style so you would need to climb down or up to get to the next rows. You think that is a good idea because she won't be able to followyou until after the class ends without attracting attention.

You decide to move fast and jump down to the row in front of you. You look both ways and see a heavy set black girl one way far down the row. You decide to keep moving until you find a better prospect. You move up several rows and come down on a row directly under an occupied seat. You see a nice tan pair of legs and a pair of flip flops with a sexy French manicured toes. In front of you is her backpack and she left it wide open.

You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. jump in the backpack for a ride
  2. keep moving to the front of the class

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