Morning with Sophie

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By: northgate

Hours pass and you fade in and out of sleep. At one point you hear people moving around and finally Sophie retrieves her boot and tilts it sending tumbling into her palm. She smiles down at you, "Sleep well sweety?", she asks, "Oh how silly of me, you're gagged." She cuts you loose and leaves you on her desk enabling you to remove the gag.

"How could you do that to me?", you ask her.

"Oh don't be such a complainer. You know I could make it a lot worse like wearing those boots for the day with you in them. Anyway, I brought you a present.", she says as she shows you a piece of a buttered bagel which is more than you could eat and a plastic medicine cup full of juice. "See I'm not so bad." She sits and watches you as you eat. "Good thing Amy has an early class or you would have been in there for a while longer. So would you like to go back in the boot or hang out with me today?", she asks.

You figure nothing can be as bad as tied up in her boot so you say, "Stay with you", you tell her.

"Good, that's the right answer. I am your mistress now and you should want to spend every minute of the day pleasing me and you will."

She leans back in her chair and brings her foot up on to the desk. "Now for dessert, you will lick between my toes clean" and she spread her first two toes in front of you.

"Sophie, can't we talk this over", you say but she responds by grabbing your head between her toes and squeezing it.

"Wrong answer. You will refer to me as Mistress and you will not question my orders. Now lick!", she says.

You start licking away not wanting to anger her again and she doesn't release her grip on you until you are done. When she does you drop to the desk to compose yourself but she doesn't give you a moment as she pivots her foot over you and lowers it down. You try to push it back but your efforts are worthless against her size. She presses you against the desk and says, "I could crush you without any effort. You are my slave now and you need to obey".

She releases the pressure and you lie there trying to recover as she stands up walking across the room to get dressed for the day. She strips down and changes into her bra and panties and then calls your attention and you turn and see her. "Am I the most beautiful girl you have ever laid eyes on?", she asks.

Now she is cute with dark Mediterranean features straight black hair to her shoulders and very pretty face but she was small in size between 5 ' and 5' 2" and maybe a B cup at most but you already had learned your lesson for the day. "You are the most beautiful woman in creation, Mistress", you tell her.

"That's good", she replies, "It is good for a slave to desire his mistress. It makes it easier for you to accept your position. She turns and finishes dressing into a hot little outfit and returns for you. "Now you better learn to behave if you don't want to spend a lot of time gagged and bound. I will give you a chance to prove yourself today and let you travel in style in my purse. She takes a velvet blag with a drawstring and drops you in, pulls it tight and drop it in her purse. She snaps the purse shut and you are off to destinations unknown.

Your choices:

  1. Sophie takes you to a lecture
  2. Sophie takes you to her campus job

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