Sophie's Panties

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By: northgate

Sophie decides to drop you in the back of her panties wedging you between her butt cheeks. Now Sophie isn't very big maybe 5' 2" at the most and a pretty petite figure but at your size she is a monster and could kill you with a single blow.

She goes downstairs and looks for you like the rest of the girls. She talks to Amy briefly telling her that she left you on her desk and that you could hide behind a large picture frame if anyone came in. Eventually the search is called off and it is late so the girls return to their rooms. Amy come in looking for but can't find you. Sophie helps her look knowing that she has you lodged between her butt cheeks were you can't call for help. Finally, you hear Sophie convinces Amy that you weren't interested in staying around and just wanted to escape from the house and that you are probably long gone.

Amy goes to sleep while Sophie tells her she is going to the bathroom. Sophie goes to a private bathroom and locks the door. She extracts you from her panties and rinses you off in the sink. "That was easier that I thought it would be", she tells you smiling evilly at you, "Now you can be all mine just like it should be. Now I just need to figure out what to do with you when I'm busy with other things.

She takes out some dental floss and ties your feet, then your hands behind your back. She then uses a piece to gag you. She drops you on the a rug and sits on the toilet seat in front of you. She brings her bare foot over and nudges you around with her big toe. You figure she is pretty small and loves having someone smaller than her to push around and dominate. She squeeze your head between her first two toes and smiles at your helplessness.

When she is done she carries you back to her room. Amy is sleeping already. She quietly goes into her closet and spies her Uggs boats. She stands one up and drops you inside. You land on the soft fur inside but you are still ties up and helpless to move around. She tilts the boot sending you into the toe section and puts it back standing up in the closet and closes the door. You are assaulted by the smell and you figure she only wears these without socks. You lie there helpless until Sophie returns in the morning.

Your choices:

  1. Sophie takes you out in the morning
  2. Sophie slips on her Uggs with you still in it.

Retrieved September 13, 2016