Sophie Returns

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By: northgate

Amy is holding you when the door opens and in comes her roommate Sophie. She is a tall thin with straight dark brown hair. She has a dark tan complexion and dark eyes. She is wearing shorts that show off her tan legs and she looks pretty athletic. Amy waits sitting on the side of the bed and hides you by her side for the moment.

"Guess what Soph? I have the best secret but you have to keep it between us no matter what. Can I trust you not to tell a soul?", Amy says to her and Sophie comes over and sits next to her on the bed. "Of course you can", she answers, "We've been friends since the first year of school, we pledged together and we room together. I wouldn't betray you."

Amy pulls you out from her side and holds you out for Sophie to see. "I found him. Isn't he the most adorable little thing you ever saw? The problem is that Audrey wants him and has everyone in the house looking for him." She fills Sophie in on what has happened and Sophie says, "That's incredible." She looks you over but then her attention changes to the problem at hand. "Audrey must be up to something. She is always lying to get her way. We'll have to figure it out what is going on. You need to go tell her that we searched the room and he isn't here that way she'll focus her searching elsewhere in the house." "You're right", Amy replies and she hands you over to Sophie, "Here watch him while I go down and talk to them. I'll be back in a little while so I don't raise suspicion." Sophie takes you gently from Amy who immediately leaves the room.

Sophie watches her go and then her gaze falls down at you and you see an evil smile that disturbs you. Her grip tightens on you and borders on uncomfortable. "Listen closely little man because I'll only say this one time.", she tells you, "We are all going to be good friends and you and I are going to be especially good friends when Amy isn't here. You'll do everything I say without question unless you want Amy to get thrown out of the house and you turned over to Audrey and all those sorority girls. Do you understand?"

You don't know what she is up to but you figure you better agree with her and you nod yes. She squeezes you tighter. "Now tell Mistress Sophie you will be her slave forever. Say It", she growls at you. "Yes, Mistress Sophie. I will be your slave forever.", you repeat figuring Amy will keep her from hurting you.

"Good", she says as you watch her pull her sneakers and socks off revealing her bare feet. She opens her hand and you go tumbling out next to her bare foot. "Lay on your back slave", she orders you and you quickly comply. She tilts her foot back resting her heel on the ground in front of you and lowers her foot over you. "Lick my foot clean slave", she laughs and you again comply afraid for the consequences.

Just then the door opens and in walks Cassandra who Sophie doesn't particularly like. Cass is a house office but Sophie think of her as the house slut. She positions her foot so you are covered and hidden without crushing you. "Ever hear of knocking, bitch?", Sophie sneers at her. "Listen", Cassandra replies ignoring her comment. "There is a little man loose in the house stealing jewelery and Audrey wants everyone looking for him and that includes you princess." "OK, OK", Sophie replies, "I'll be down in 5" and Cassandra turns and leaves without another word.

Sophie removes her foot and smiles at you. "Change of plans shorty", she says as she picks you up and you notice from the scent that she must have just come from working out. "Now let's see. Now I need to go downstairs but I can't let them find you in case they search the room. So where can I hide you?", she asks herself.

She looks around finally smiles and says, "I know. I'll hide you ....

Your choices:

  1. in my panties. It's nice and ripe then there."
  2. in my stinky socks."

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